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The StressEraser personal biofeedback device costs $179 plus shipping. The price includes a 30-day stress-free guarantee and a 1-year warranty.


We are currently out of new StressEraser units! We're sorry for the inconvenience. We are fully stocked with Certified Refurbished units.  Refurbs are only $119 per unit plus shipping - and they're as good as new!

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StressEraser in the News

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CNN Health Blog "The Chart" by Amanda Enayati
"I appreciated the StressEraser’s small size and portability; I used it as I lay in bed and also took it out with me on a few occasions to use when I had a free moment."

StressErasers Donated to Japan's Earthquake Relief Effort
Learn more about the trauma program at Konan Women's University in Kobe, Japan.

StressEraser recommended by CBS Interactive Business Network's Presenting on the Go.
"Perfect for a bit of calm before the presentation storm."

StressEraser leads off the CBS Early Show's "Health Watch" segment.
"This is a really cool product... A good drug-free way for you to de-stress." - Frances Largeman-Roth

 StressEraser receives top score in HEALTH Magazine stress feature.
"Worth it if you really have trouble calming yourself down."- Laura Leu

StressEraser in the spotlight on Philip Reed's "GolfGadgets" video segment.
"Do this for 8 to 10 minutes and it will relax you for even the 4 or 5 hours that it takes to play golf." You Tube

StressEraser Featured on "The Rachael Ray Show."
"For a lot of people, especially people who are very stressed out, this could be a very nice thing." - Dr. Donnica Moore

StressEraser Selected for the Celebrity Gift Bag at the ESPY Awards.
Photo: IndyCar champion Helio Castroneves chills out at the photo shoot.

StressEraser Featured on "The View."
“The StressEraser helps synchronize your breath with your heart rate. We should all be using this to reduce stress!” - Elisabeth Hasselbeck

StressEraser Awards

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Seal of Approval, awarded by the American Institute of Stress

Best Self-Monitoring Health Initiative or Device, awarded by the National Wellness Prevention & Fitness Conference

Technology Innovation of the Year, awarded by Frost & Sullivan

The Best of Gadget Lab, awarded by WIRED Magazine (9 out of 10 rating)

StressErasers for the Military

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Video: SGT Dan Bauer USAF describes how his Predator team relies on the StressEraser before and after combat situations (1:16). [Note: Phone number in video is no longer active.]

To help support our troops, we are providing StressEraser personal biofeedback devices to military units where the need is greatest.  In 2008, we shipped more than 500 StressErasers to Baghdad and other military bases in Iraq; various Army, Navy and Marine stations through the Middle East; and Air Force bases around the world. To apply on behalf of your military organization, please submit your contact information in the form below.

The U.S. military has been instrumental in our ongoing research into stress-related conditions such as Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In fact, studies are ongoing with returning soldiers at institutions such as Walter Reed Army Medical Center and San Diego Naval Medical Center.

In the process of working with the military, we have established some wonderful relationships with our troops. Our complete library of military research and testimonials from our troops is available for members of the U.S. armed forces, military affiliates, and veterans.

The following quote is excerpted from our actual correspondence and is used with permission:

"This is a very highly stressful situation here. Crews are overworked, stressed out, shot at, and away from loved ones. Your StressErasers are very treasured by these guys and gals serving here in Iraq. I love to see the looks on their faces when they plug-in for the first time. It's perfect for our mission since Aircrews are not allowed to take medications and if we go to someone to talk about stress we risk losing our security access. The StressEraser allows us to erase the stress without either, and as a bonus feel like we are taking care of things without help from others." -- SGT Dan Bauer, USAF, Iraq

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