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CNN Health Blog "The Chart" by Amanda Enayati
"I appreciated the StressEraser’s small size and portability; I used it as I lay in bed and also took it out with me on a few occasions to use when I had a free moment."

StressErasers Donated to Japan's Earthquake Relief Effort
Learn more about the trauma program at Konan Women's University in Kobe, Japan.

StressEraser recommended by CBS Interactive Business Network's Presenting on the Go.
"Perfect for a bit of calm before the presentation storm."

StressEraser leads off the CBS Early Show's "Health Watch" segment.
"This is a really cool product... A good drug-free way for you to de-stress." - Frances Largeman-Roth

 StressEraser receives top score in HEALTH Magazine stress feature.
"Worth it if you really have trouble calming yourself down."- Laura Leu

StressEraser in the spotlight on Philip Reed's "GolfGadgets" video segment.
"Do this for 8 to 10 minutes and it will relax you for even the 4 or 5 hours that it takes to play golf." You Tube

StressEraser Featured on "The Rachael Ray Show."
"For a lot of people, especially people who are very stressed out, this could be a very nice thing." - Dr. Donnica Moore

StressEraser Selected for the Celebrity Gift Bag at the ESPY Awards.
Photo: IndyCar champion Helio Castroneves chills out at the photo shoot.

StressEraser Featured on "The View."
“The StressEraser helps synchronize your breath with your heart rate. We should all be using this to reduce stress!” - Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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Seal of Approval, awarded by the American Institute of Stress

Best Self-Monitoring Health Initiative or Device, awarded by the National Wellness Prevention & Fitness Conference

Technology Innovation of the Year, awarded by Frost & Sullivan

The Best of Gadget Lab, awarded by WIRED Magazine (9 out of 10 rating)

Stress Is Killing You


Managing Stress with Exercise

by Lisa Deacon

The StressEraser is a natural product that helps to reduce stress quickly by synchronizing your breathing with your heart rate. However, there is another natural way to relieve stress that also involves the heart rate and can be used alongside the StressEraser to leave you not only calm, but fit and healthy too: it’s exercise.

Researchers have been linking the benefits of exercise to the reduction of stress for several years and it’s not just a method of stress relief for the gym goers amongst us either.

Anyone who takes regular, moderate exercise (including anything from a gym workout, a brisk walk, a game of squash or an aerobic class) will begin to notice both mental and physical changes that are apt to leave them feeling calmer, happier and healthier. Here are some of the ways that exercise can positively benefit the brain, body, and lifestyle:

The Brain

Brain function is the major cause of stress. Exercise changes brain function in a positive way as blood flow to the area increases, which means that oxygen and blood sugar to the brain also increases. This will help you keep a clear, sound head when you are on the brink of becoming stressed as the increased blood flow helps to quickly clear toxic waste products that occur when you have a lot of brain activity going on at once.

Aside from this, exercise is well known for releasing neurotransmitters in the brain called endorphins. These feel-good signals are then sent around the body promoting a sense of positivity and well-being. They also leave you feeling motivated and pumped up which means that the more exercise you do, the more eager you will be to do more. And more is definitely good.

Research conducted by scientists at Princeton indicated that, over time, regular exercise can build up a defense to stress. Concentrating on two groups of animals, the results showed that those who had been on a six week aerobic program demonstrated a ‘biochemically calm state’ afterwards whereas those who hadn’t done the exercise still reacted to stressful situations. This suggests that exercise can actively help the brain to fend off hormones and chemicals that trigger stress.

The Body

When it comes to physical health and stress it really is a vicious circle. Many major diseases (such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes) are linked in some way or another to stress. The knowledge that one has such a disease will understandably cause more anxiety and stress, and so the condition will worsen. Exercise is a great way to minimize the chances of developing one of these diseases in the first place as it will reduce blood pressure and excess body fat among other things.

In a similar way, stress can also be a cause of putting on extra weight (which also exacerbates medical conditions) as it encourages production of the cortisol hormone which increases fat storage, particularly in the abdominal area. Battling this with exercise is a great starting point. Sometimes people also use supplements such as performance enhancers to really get their energy levels rocketing and their body fat shifted.

Glyco Energy states that these can support increases in fatty acid metabolism and energy levels. And let’s face it, who doesn’t feel great after losing a few pounds? As your waistline shrinks, your self-esteem will grow making you less susceptible to anxiety, bad moods and low confidence – other conditions that can lead to feeling stressed.

Setting yourself physical challenges and goals with your exercise will also help you to recognize and celebrate personal achievements. So in many ways your physical triumphs will have a positive effect on your mental health and stress levels.

The Lifestyle

Many people find that a swim, jog or gym session after a long day can help them to relax. This is because exercise acts as the perfect distraction to your worries. Your body becomes so focused on the movements and rhythms of your body that you literally forget about the things that were making you stressed. So pencilling in an hour of exercise per day will be a worthwhile addition to your routine.

Ensuring that your choice of exercise is something that you enjoy is also vital. Walking, cycling, dancing and even gardening are all great forms of exercise, so focus on those that make you happy to keep your mood elevated from one day to the next. You will also find that all of this extra exercise will help you to sleep, allowing your body to physically repair itself which will leave you feeling refreshed, calm and ready to go the next day.


Managing Stress During Pregnancy

by Lisa Deacon

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for anyone, but for those who already suffer from stress disorders or anxiety it can be enough to really send your stress levels rocketing. Aside from chemical factors (i.e. your hormones running wild and the consequent symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness and backache) the prospect of becoming a parent and the responsibility that goes with it can be daunting.

The change in lifestyle and parental worry can also trigger stress, particularly PTSD, with one study indicating that this can affect up to 8% of pregnant women.

High stress levels contribute to high blood pressure, which can increase the risk of having a preterm delivery and/or a low birth weight baby, so learning to reduce stress quickly during pregnancy is essential for both you and your developing baby.

Here are some tips on how to minimize stress during pregnancy:

  1. Eat well
  2. During your pregnancy eating a healthy and well balanced diet is essential to ensure that your little one gets all the nutrients that they need to develop and thrive. You will need around 300 extra calories a day to sustain you as the baby begins drawing your nutrients away, so ensure that you get this and try to include an array of fruit, dairy and whole grains in your diet. If you are getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals then you will find yourself more able to cope with the pressures of pregnancy without becoming tired and deflated. Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice/pasta, legumes and vegetables are particularly helpful as their complicated molecular structure takes longer for the body to break down, thus providing you with regulated and long lasting energy that should see you through the day without becoming stressed and tired.

  3. Slow down
  4. Many women become stressed during pregnancy because they expect to be able to keep up with their pace of life before. In reality the body is working on overtime to help support this growing baby and the daily activities that you used to take for granted (such as going to work, tidying the house or visiting friends) will gradually become harder. Slowing down is inevitable but the longer you try to keep up the pace, the more likely you are to become stressed. Instead come to an acceptance that your lifestyle and your body are changing and do not feel guilty about asking for help or saying no to unnecessary activities. Enjoy the relaxation period while you can and rest assured that enjoying those bath salts and getting an early night is not something that you should feel guilty or selfish about – it is all for the good of your baby.

  5. Speak out
  6. The first key to managing stress is to identify what is making you stressed and then seek help for it. This could be something as simple as changing a work rota, venting to your partner or asking your healthcare provider for support. The old adage about ‘a problem shared’ is certainly true when it comes to managing stress and there are many places to find a listening ear. Many communities run pregnancy classes and clubs and midwives and providers are also on hand to guide you through your pregnancy.

  7. Breathing exercises
  8. Breathing exercises, prenatal yoga and meditation are all great ways to reduce stress during pregnancy in the same way that we advocate breathing techniques in everyday life. But because you are somewhat limited to the types of exercise that you can do (particularly in the later stages of pregnancy) they also give you the opportunity to get those feel-good endorphins flowing without putting unnecessary strain on the body. Prenatal yoga is particularly useful as it also teaches you poses, postures and breathing techniques than can help in labor and ease other symptoms of pregnancy such as backache, nausea and sleep problems all of which will positively impact on your stress levels.

  9. Use the StressEraser
  10. Because the StressEraser is a natural, non-chemical product it is safe to use during pregnancy. It is also convenient and easy to use - you can keep it in your handbag and use it for fast, effective relief. The StressEraser converts your pulse into an HRV wave that helps you synchronize your breathing with your heart rate. This means that you will feel calmer within minutes. Your stress levels can be easily managed during pregnancy and afterwards.


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Interview: How to Stop Panic Attacks and Anxiety (Naturally)

I recently interviewed one of the world’s foremost teachers on how to stop panic attacks naturally, Barry McDonagh, creator of the Panic Away system.

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • Common misconceptions about panic attacks
  • The differences between anxiety and panic
  • How to re-gain control when you’re in the middle of a panic attack
  • The relationship between stress and panic
  • How to cope with setbacks
  • Recent research on panic and the brain
  • And much more…

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Click here to learn more about Panic Away.

In the interest of full disclosure, we want you to know that if you decide to try Panic Away as a result of our recommendation, we may receive compensation.

However, please note that we are contacted regularly by companies who would like us to endorse their products and services to the StressEraser community, and we only recommend resources that we trust, and which we believe will provide tremendous value to you.

We are recommending Panic Away after reviewing the materials ourselves and personally speaking with Barry, the program’s creator. We were very impressed, and we wholeheartedly recommend Panic Away to you if you are interested in a natural way stop panic attacks and anxiety.

Also note that if you decide to try Panic Away, and are dissatisfied for any reason, you are covered by their unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Click here to learn more about Panic Away.


The StressEraser Team






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