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Wellness Testimonials

University System of New Hampshire
University of North Dakota

University System of New Hampshire

“Immediately after the training, they tell me it has already made a difference, they felt calmer. As an educator is doesnʼt get much better than that!”

Nancy Puglisi, Ph.D.
Director of Organizational Wellness

The University System of New Hampshire has offered a wellness program for faculty and staff since 1982. The StressEraser program has been one of the most popular of all class offerings over those 26 years. Under the wellness program, the StressEraser is currently being provided to faculty and staff at Plymouth State University and Keene State College.

With the StressEraser, participants can watch their physiology on the screen in real time as they activate their relaxation response. Many participants are using the device to assist them in dealing with a variety of health issues, including sleep-related issues. A woman who participated in an afternoon training woke up that night and used the StressEraser, reaching the 100-point goal as she was falling off to sleep. Another individual uses the device during chemotherapy treatments.

According to Dr. Puglisi, the University System of New Hampshireʼs Director of Organizational Wellness, the StressEraser program has gone beyond her expectations:

“Many of our faculty and staff members are teaching their family members to use the StressEraser,” says Dr. Puglisi. “One faculty member is teaching his son how to use it to get to sleep at night. Another employee is teaching her husband how to use the StressEraser as he suffers from anxiety attacks. A faculty member told me she is using the StressEraser to assist her in the relaxation response as she suffers from hypertension.”

“So many people have spoken to me after the StressEraser training program to tell me how stressed their lives are and how helpful the device will be for them. Immediately after the training, they tell me it has already made a difference, they felt calmer. As an educator it doesnʼt get much better than that!”

University of North Dakota

“We are getting a lot of good mileage out of the StressEraser in counseling and education. It has been a wonderful and expansive experience for our students … It gets people to look at the student health center as something more than a place for depression. It helps us reverse the stigma.”

Myron J. Veenstra, Ph.D., LP
Director, University Counseling Center

According to Dr. Veenstra, “We learned about the StressEraser at the American Psychological Association convention. At the time, we were looking to get more technologically savvy. The StressEraser was totally ideal. There are three fundamental ways that weʼve used it:

  1. As a recruiting tool for prospective students touring the student health center;
  2. As part of our campus Stress Lab counseling service, to help students get away from their stress and study better; and
  3. As a way to outreach to different university groups, where we take the StressEraser directly into the classrooms.”

Here are some other ways that the University of North Dakota has deployed the StressEraser around the Grand Forks campus:

Faculty – “We have also introduced it to faculty and staff during university retreats.”

Stress Lab – “Up to ten students at a time practice with it and then take it home if they like. We typically lend out StressErasers for at least a week.”

ROTC – “We also use the StressEraser with our on-campus cadets as a stress management inoculation. The military is already familiar with the concept of using breath training for control. We trained five cadets per week until we went through the entire team.”

Aviation Majors – “We have introduced the StressEraser into the Human Factors class which is a required subject in their fourth year.”